Thursday 3 December 2009

My car

My car was free. I got it from Freecycle and I'm very grateful to the previous owners. It cost me a little bit of money to get it through the m.o.t. Really low mileage and all in all not bad considering it had been sat in a driveway for four years. But it's sort of a piece of crap really and I've had a few problems with it. For instance the heater doesn't work. I haven't yet figured out why. I like to work on cars and computers and all sorts of other things so I've been quite game for taking this on. I drained the radiator and flushed the engine. In the process I also replaced the thermostat which I figured couldn't hurt. Put it all back together and poured in new coolant/water but no difference. Well, maybe a slight difference. The air from the blower gets to be about room temperature after the engine is completely warm, but that might just be because the engine seems to get a bit hotter now after having changed the thermostat which upon closer examination wasn't closing fully. I'm thinking the problem is in the heater control unit itself. Probably it's just the sliding switch to open the heater circuit. I'll be taking a look at this at the weekend.

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