Tuesday 18 May 2010

Delivery of new DELL laptop, thanks for the incredibly short notice!

I got this email from DELL yesterday.
Dear Matt Flaherty,

Your Dell Order is scheduled to arrive between 08:00 and 18:00 on the 18/05/2010. Please arrange for someone to be there throughout this time - as we cannot be more specific about the time of delivery.

As your order is already on its way we regret it's too late to change the following details:

1.      delivery date
2.      delivery address
3.      order details

You can track your package, via the Syncreon website, simply by pasting this link into your internet browser: http://www.walshwestern.com/scripts/trackntrace.htm

Your invoice will arrive separately within the next two weeks or alternatively account holders with Dell may access the following site to download a copy of your invoice. https://myfinancials.dell.com/landing.aspx?c=uk&l=en

Order Number - [withheld] Customer Number - [withheld].

This is an automated email that cannot accept replies.

Yeah, thanks DELL. Thanks for the incredibly short notice and for letting me know that it's now too late to change delivery. This is the first message I've received from DELL since I placed the order about a week ago. I always thought they had good customer service. Well now I'm stuck working from home all day because my wife is teaching and somebody needs to be here. I had to cancel a meeting that was scheduled today. All I can say is it had better be worth it.


  1. UPDATE: It has just arrived!

  2. Hi, Matt, I thought I would come over and take a look at your site. I did have to smile when I read about Dell, as I have just bought a book called What would Google do? this is about tips and ideas for optimising your site etc. But the part that I have just been reading is about a man called Jeff Jarvis, the author, and he writes about his trouble with Dell. evidently it started on the internet as a blog and went worldwide! I am sure if you look it up you will find it. thanks for commenting on my site, and I see we have the same area in common, I am in Buckinghamshire! thanks Nell Rose Hubpages

  3. Hi Nell. Thank you for paying a visit. I hope you've had a chance to listen to that song about Julia Pastrana. It really is quite lovely. I have heard of Jeff Jarvis but did not know about this blog of his. Generally I'm quite happy with Dell's products. This particular instance of customer service was a bit disappointing but it ended well. Take care.


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