Monday 27 September 2010

FOI - How much taxpayer money has the CPS spent in prosecuting Paul Chambers?

This post is an archive. The live version can be found on a new blog called Arsehole Justice (no offence).

Like many, I'm personally disgusted with the sheer waste of time, money and resources being spent by a public body (the Crown Prosecution Service) on the prosecution of a blameless individual. How much money is it? I'd like to know. Therefore, I have made a request under the Freedom of Information Act to the South Yorkshire office of the CPS for disclosure of all the information related to the costs of the prosecution. I've directed my request for the attention of Roger Tricklebank, a Senior Crown Prosecutor with whom I've had communications in the past, and copied Naheed Hussain, the Chief Crown Prosecutor for that region. I believe that I worded my request clearly and properly, and therefore we should have an answer within 20 working days unless the CPS require more time. Though it's hard to imagine how they would require more time.


  1. Kudos sir.

    This whole affair is a disgrace. Nothing less than a thuggish attack by a willfully paranoid and surveillance addicted state on an entirely innocent and harmless member of the public.


    I'm not an anonymous coward. My name is Roger Lancefield, and I live in Streatham in South London. I have a family and I'm easy to track down. Yes, I know Google may well index this, And you're still wankers.

  2. Thanks. I've been curious about cost per tweeted character. Must be a hefty sum by now.

  3. "Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Fear" ?

    When the state turns on a citizen just to save face, using its virtually unlimited resources against a private individual - then - everyone must know this to be false.


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