Monday 15 November 2010

I'm losing sleep

This post is an archive. The live version can be found on a new blog called Arsehole Justice (no offence).

I'm losing sleep over the Twitter Joke Trial case. Or more accurately I'm sleeping at odd times, as with the nap I had after dinner this evening until 11pm. And now I'm up and doing "work" on the case.I do this because I feel I have to do whatever I can. I'm not sure what I can do really. I'm not sure what any of us can do, not even the lawyers. But I do it because an injustice has been done and it needs to be rectified. A man, who I'm 100% certain did not mean any harm, has been made into a criminal through the misapplication of a law. It could have been me and it could have been you. If you don't see this then please don't bother to comment here. I've written lots about this case already and I'm tired of having to explain it from square one. I'm tired, yes.

I hope Paul Chambers decides to fight on, but I will understand and abide by whatever decision he makes. It will be a tough fight. We may be able to shore up this legal sinkhole without the Twitter Joke Trial as an ongoing case. He needs to know that the support will be there, both morally and financially, should he choose to continue. But he also needs to know that it's okay to stop. I saw the man last Thursday and his hair is looking decidedly more grey than when we met in July. He's 27 years old. In five years the criminal record will lapse. All he needs is a quiet life and a job and he'll be fine. I'd like HHJ Jacqueline Davies to know that this case has nothing to do with me personally. I did not know Paul Chambers or "the woman called Crazy Colours" before the unfortunate event. My involvement is voluntary and out of concern. Perhaps I am not an ordinary person after all, because I won't rest until your judgement is held up as a model of judicial insanity. I won't rest, but I will sleep if I can. Starting now, good night.

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